I’ve always noticed that things in pop culture seem to cycle around. It seems like everything runs in 20 year cycles. Not long ago, I noticed a revival of 1980s culture coming back into the mainstream. It’s so funny thinking back to the clothes we wore in high school and seeing them on the girls of today.

Remember the big hair, shoulder pad jackets, and tights? But I never ever thought that one thing would ever be back in style, and it’s something I saw in Claire’s while shopping with my daughter for some cheap earrings for her. I noticed a lot of the other el cheapo crap they sell there like cheap plastic cell phone covers for the Motorola Razr phones, and some sort of foam “sports” wrap. (Is foam even comfortable when you are hot and sweaty?)

Then I saw it. Something I never thought I would ever see again. LEGWARMERS! Oh my god! Olivia Newton John, where are you? I mean, I know the skinny jeans thing is back “in” and so are long sweaters and long shirts. Oh, wait, are pastels back in fashion?

But legwarmers? How on earth did that ever come back into vogue? Legwarmers.

It’s not just fashion either, it’s all pop culture. the music scene is filled with so-called 80s revival bands that sound like Depeche Mode, the Psychedelic Furs, early U2, and my most favorite band of all time – The Cure. I guess I’m old, so I can’t name most of these music artists, but I do know one of them is Bloc Party. I guess if I paid more attention to what is on my daughter’s ipod, then I might know a few more names. Lol.

It all just reinforces the idea that every 10 years, the last decade is so uncool (is it cool to say cool?) and every 20 years, the old styles come back into fashion. I remember in the 80s, disco was way out, and in the 90s it mad a resurgence. Now it’s the 2000s and the 1980s are back in style.

What other fashion trends or pop culture trends from the 1980s are back in style?


Google seems to be attempting to destroy it’s status as an iconic trademark of the Internet with it’s rollout of the new Google favicon today. The new Google icon is a blue, green, and red, splat with a white little “g” inside the random color swatch.


Why did they do this? According to googlesystem.blogspot.com, an unofficial Google tips and news site, Big G threw out the internationally recognized “Big G” favicon last year. Users weren’t happy with the new little g logo, so they took some ideas, and apparently not wanting to give any glory to an actual graphic designer, did some sort of childlike bastardization of one of the submitted ideas.

So, in about one year, they have gone from having a highly recognized trademark, to having some sort of horrendous unrecognizable stain in the corner of their users’ address bars. This reminds me of when New Coke came out. There was nothing wrong with the original Coca Cola, but damned if they didn’t want to fix what ain’t broke, and New Coke was born.

Customers flatly rejected the new formula, and demanded to have their good old Coca Cola back, and thus was born Coca Cola Classic. Well I, among many others demand to have our “Big G Classic” back. There was nothing wrong with the original work. It was easily recognized universally. Outrage against the last change was probably more a result of “Change it back” than it was of “Make it even less coherent.”

I can’t imagine the Christians, for example saying, “Gee the old Cross symbol is just so bland. And we’ve been using it to represent our religion for a really long time. Let’s come up with a new logo that if you tilt your head, squint, hyperventilate, and take a bong hit at the same time, you just might be able to make out a cross on the inverse of the patchwork of colors.”

You just don’t mess with something that is so easy to recall, but Google insists on messing with their favicon formula. One day the google new favicon will be replaced with the Big G classic favicon, but for now we’re going to have to endure the atrocious little g stain google favicon.


Lol! I found this at the Mattress Police, and it made much the same point about not changing a branded logo.

The Philadelphia Phillies have won the world series, giving the City of Philadelphia it’s first major sports championship in like forever. I could just feel it that they were going to win. I’m not all that into baseball, but it is a historic moment, so I have been tuning into the World Series. Sure, call me a band wagon jumper if you like, but I like to be a witness to history.

I tried to get my daughter up in time to see the end, when it was all but inevitable. I was yelling to wake up. The Phillies are going to win the World Series on this next pitch. Come see this! But she must have been really over tired, and just barely even responded.

It will be interesting to see if the City of Philadelphia behaves itself in the post victory celebration. I sure hope so. I would hate to see the great accomplishment of the Phillies franchise blemished by the poor behavior of the citizens of this city.

The game resumed at 2-2 and the Phillies took a 3-2 lead early on in the resumed game. Then teh Tampa team tied it back up. Phillies went up again 4-3 and you could just feel that the momentum had shifted. The crowd was electric. I always love to see teams win championships on their home turf, even when it’s a sport that is not of great interest to me, because there is just something amazing about the atmosphere. I can’t explain it really, but you can actually feel it, almost as if something has changed on a molecular level. It’s simply extraordinary sensation to see so many people in such a state of ecstasy.

Congratulations to the Philadelphia Phillies on their remarkable season. They have truly earned a slot in history that very few achieve. It’s the America that I love. The one that celebrates greatness and achievement. I am happy that the City of Philadelphia gets it’s chance to celebrate greatness.

This is a hilarious humor post about the Obama Infomercial. Go read it now.

Some are saying that Obama’s infomercial used NLP, Neuro-linguistic programming. NLP is used by some as a technique to speak rhythmically and embed a message into the mind of the recipient. It’s controversial as to whether this constitutes psychotherapy methods, because it is not proven to actually work.

Having watched the video, there certainly does seem to be a cadence to the presentation. Even the additional participants and testimonials seem to have a very rhythmic cadence to them.

However, NLP is complete bullsh1t. So there’s no need to get all bent out of shape over it. Like hypnosis, NLP is only as effective as the recipient believes it to be. It’s nothing more than a mythological curse, but with an intended positive effect than a negative one. If you believe you are cursed, you will be, because it will affect your behavior, perceptions, and everything that you filter through your world view.

NLP and Hypnosis are the same. It’s interesting though that the claim is being made, when just a few days ago, Scott Adams asked whether it was ethical to use hypnosis methods to influence the outcome of the election. He claims to be a trained hypnotist, which amounts to being a trained witch doctor, because hypnosis is also bullsh1t. If you believe that it works, the placebo effect kicks in and it does work. Unless you are utterly convinced from the get go, it will have no effect at all. None. You won’t even be “hypnotized.” Whatever that means.

This brings me to one more topic of supposed methods of influencing people that is bullsh1t. Subliminal. Subliminal messages claim to bypass the “conscious mind” and be processed unfiltered by the “subconscious mind.” It’s hilarious that people spend money buying subliminal cds for self improvement, because it will not do a damn thing. If you aren’t hearing the subliminal track, then get this. YOU AREN’T HEARING THE TRACK!

You can’t process what you don’t hear! Let’s think about this for a second. If you are repeatedly exposed to something that you are not aware of, then YOU ARE NOT AWARE OF IT. IT CAN’T AFFECT YOU. The only way it can, again like a curse, or a placebo effect, is if you firmly believe it can, and it’s the manner in which your belief colors the your view of the world that makes it work. Not the technique itself.

Here’s what wikipedia says about NLP

In contrast to the Meta Model of NLP which seeks to specify information, is the Milton Erickson-inspired Milton model described by Bandler and Grinder as “artfully vague”[52]. In it the communicator makes statements that seem specific but allow the listener to fill in their own meaning for what is being said. It makes use of pacing and leading, ambiguity, metaphor, embedded suggestion, and multiple-meaning sentence structures. It has been described as “a way of using language to induce and maintain trance in order to contact the hidden resources of our personality”.[53] The Milton model has three primary aspects: First, to assist in building and maintaining rapport with the client. Second, to overload and distract the conscious mind so that unconscious communication can be cultivated. Third, to allow for interpretation in the words offered to the client.[54]

After spending months closely studying Erickson’s language (verbal and non-verbal) and imitating the way that Erickson worked with clients, Bandler and Grinder published the Milton model in 1976/1977 under the title The Patterns of Milton H. Erickson Volumes I & II[55]. In the preface, Erickson said, “Although this book […] is far from being a complete description of my methodologies, as they so clearly state it is a much better explanation of how I work than I, myself, can give. I know what I do, but to explain how I do it is much too difficult for me.”[55] Erickson was known for his use of unconventional approaches, including the use of stories, and for deeply entering the world of his clients. The Milton model is a way of communicating based on the hypnotic language patterns of Milton Erickson.[56]

Like I said, Bullsh1t.

I found a funny post that defines the supposed Republican racist code words. I just wish the list was longer. We should expand upon it.

Hussein – Obama’s actual middle name. Used to inflict fear of Muslims and other “dirty brown people” amongst bitter clingers.

Iraq – Used to remind bitter clingers that there are dirty brown people and muslims in Iraq.

William Ayers – Ayers is a renowned domestic terrorist, but as bitter clingers know, all terrorists are dirty brown muslims, so William Ayers is code for “Muslim,” as in “Obama is secretly a muslim.”

Taxes – Only crackers pay ’em, and they need to pay more.

Any more to add? Throw ’em in the comments.